5 Fun and Faith-Filled Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romance, chocolates, sweet gifts and everything related to love. Although it’s considered nowadays as more of a “secular holiday,” causing some people to either love it or hate it, I think it would do us well to try to trace the roots of this holiday, and teach our kids [...]

3 Simple Picture Book Perfect Activities for Valentine’s Day

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  When you snuggle up for Valentine’s Day read-alouds this year, wouldn’t you enjoy beautiful picture books that include faith, history, virtue and, of course, LOVE? I would!  That’s why I’ve already gotten ahold of copies of three of my family’s favorite Valentine’s Day read-alouds. Saint Valentine Mosaics Saint Valentine, retold and illustrated by Robert [...]

The Day I Became…

what will you become1

The day I became a writer. It was not the day I held my first book in my hands. (TODAY!) Or the day I signed my first contract. It wasn’t the day I wrote my first story. (Elementary) Or the day my dream took hold of my heart. (College) It was the day the words [...]

Combating the Middle of the Year Homeschool Blues

Do your kids get weary in the middle of the homeschooling year? Check out these great tips for combating those middle of the school year blues! #10 is my FAVORITE!!! :: www.upsidedownhomeschooling.com

When it comes to homeschooling, I often hear “You’re so lucky. You must take field trips all the time.” Or “Your kids must get lots of outside time.” Not true – at least for us. We live in Central-Southern Indiana and our winters start early, last longer and are much colder than they were back [...]

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mom

Uncertain Homeschooling Mom

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mama, I wish I could give you a hug right now. And just maybe have a chat over coffee. Because though I’ve been doing this for seven years, I still face so much uncertainty. And I’m not sure, but I kind of think there’s no end in sight. Because it’s that important.  [...]

7 Reasons Every Parent Should be on Social Media

Are your kids on Social Media? Are you? Here are 7 reasons EVERY parent should be on Social Media :: www.upsidedownhomeschooling.com

It is becoming increasingly popular for young kids to have electronic devices of their own. Whether it’s an iPod or an iPhone, kids have it. And age doesn’t seem to be a factor anymore. While this might be a good thing for some families who participate in many activities, it can also be a doorway [...]

7 Things Good Homeschool Moms Never Do

7 Things Good Homeschool Moms Never Do

  We are right in the middle of our fifth year of homeschooling. In some ways it still seems like we just started yesterday, and it other ways it feels like I should have graduated ten kids by now. I can probably sum up our entire homeschooling journey in two words: learning experience. Not just [...]

Enjoy a Free Food Study Printable for Our Lady of Altagracia Day

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One of our favorite feast days is coming up on January 21.  It’s a day that even non-Catholics can enjoy, as there is a fabulous book about it that ties in perfectly with geography, culture, or literature/legend studies: A Gift of Gracias. In fact, I so enjoyed A Gift of Gracias that last year, I [...]