O is for Ornaments

Fun and easy ornaments you can create with your children!

For O I’ve put together a few easy craft ornaments that you and your kids can make.  Most of the required materials are things you  most likely have already, if not…they are available for cheap (and most likely found at your local dollar store!). #1 – Mini Wreath Ornament Materials Needed: Garter, Shower Rings, Bows [...]

6 Ways to Teach Our Kids Gratitude

Clever ways to teach your children to be thankful.

Most, if not all, homeschooling parents know that educating our children isn’t just about academics. It’s actually much more than that. It’s about preparing our children for the future, and, dare we say it, “raising saints.” One way to do this — to raise our children for the Lord — is to teach them gratitude. [...]

Christmas Notebooking Pages

Make homeschooling through the holidays fun with these free Christmas notebooking pages.

  This post is part of the ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays series. To see all of the posts in the series, click here. A wonderful way that we have cut costs in our homeschool is to notebook our way through our curriculum. The children write their written narrations of what they’ve learned and [...]

M is for Making Memories


This post is part of the ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays series. To see a list of all posts in the series, click here. Homeschooling at best is a busy endeavor. Homeschooling during the holidays?  Well, that is enough to make even the best of mommy-teachers want to hide under the blankets with chocolate! [...]

3 Tips for Perfect Holiday Plans

3 Tips for Perfect Holiday Plans | Upside Down Homeschooling by Virginia George

The holidays evoke different emotions for everyone. For some, the winter holidays bring feelings of warmth and nostalgia, while others are consumed with tension and dread. Even if you have a family you enjoy spending time with, things get a bit stickier when you get married, and then again when you have kids. You have even more [...]

L is for Light {Free printable pack!}


At Christmas there are lights everywhere, on Christmas trees and all over houses. These lights light up the night, with many families in Australia, mapping out a route around their town, to go and take in the beautiful light displays. This is also a wonderful time to spend with our children, teaching them about the [...]

25 Ways to Celebrate Advent with Kids {free printable}

25 Ways to Celebrate Advent with Kids

      Christmas is one of my most FAVORITE holidays of the entire year. However, for this family, celebrating the countdown aspect of it (i.e. all of the Advent traditions) really didn’t start until just a few years ago. I had stumbled upon a ‘Jesse Tree’ (google Ann Voskamp’s amazing blog) Well, sure I [...]

K is for Kindness

Tips and ideas for teaching your children the importance of serving others.

This post is part of the ABCs of Homeschooling through the Holidays. To see all of the posts in the series, click here. My absolute favorite thing to do in homeschooling is find ways to integrate service and acts of KINDNESS into our curriculum.  November is easy because we discuss Thanksgiving and being thankful for [...]

J is for Just Breathe


  The holidays are a rare combination of excitement, tradition and chaos. They demand a huge amount of time and effort from you and your children. Add in homeschooling and your holiday season can become a blur. In the past most of our days were spent rushing through lessons,shopping there or racing to the next [...]

I is for Icicles and Igloo’s

Icicles and Igloo's

Welcome to letter I in our ABC’s of Homeschooling Through the Holidays. I created 3 fun, quick, and inexpensive “I” crafts for you.   The first is ice on the trees.  We went out and grabbed a few branches from the woods.  Then you cover in mod podge & sprinkle them in “ice”. When dry [...]