Busy Mom’s Printable To-Do List

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Is there anyone else like me who loves to make to-do lists?

There is just something freeing and empowering about crossing things off that list, so much so that sometimes I even write tasks I’ve already completed just so that I can mark them off.

Ha! Yes, I’m an odd cookie. I know that.

But you know what I need even more than my regular to-do list?

I need a to-do list that also includes a space for my daily meal plan, a space for prayer requests, and a space for bills that must be paid that day.

But you know what would make that all-in-one to-do list even better?!

If it was pretty!

You know us busy moms, we want everything to be pretty.

A to-do list doesn’t seem nearly as daunting if it’s full of pretty colors now does it?

Yes, I would like one of those to-do lists. Wouldn’t you?

So, without further ado I present to you “My Daily Musts” an all-in-one, pretty, printable to-do list. Daily areas included are: must do (general to do list), must go (places to go, appts, errands, etc), must pay (bills that need to be paid that day), must pray (your daily prayer requests), must cook (daily meal plan), and must clean (daily cleaning).

Click the following images to download your free “My Daily Musts” printable. Available in color or black and white.



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Heather Bowen

Heather is the founder and owner of Upside Down Homeschooling. She is a homeschooling mom of two little girls. Heather and her husband, Andrew- author and founder of Project Conversion, have been married for nine years. They reside in southeastern NC and have recently joined the Catholic Church. Heather is a nurse by trade, but left her nursing scrubs behind in October 2012, to become a full-time work at home mom. She is a professional blogger and speaker. You can also find her blogging at FrugalHomeschoolFamily.com. She and her husband will also be launching CatholicFamilyResources.com later this year.


    • Heather Bowen says

      I like the color too, but color ink is expensive! That’s why I also made a grayscale one. It’s just not as pretty. ;)

  1. Stacy says

    That’s so funny… I thought I was the only once that added completed things to my list so it looks like I did more! Thanks for the list. :-)

  2. Gina says

    I agree, pretty is better! And I, too,add items I’ve already completed just for the empowering satisfaction of striking through them!!

  3. says

    Those are awesome. I just started keeping a home management binder and the daily to do list is a must have. Thanks for sharing this. I am stopping by from Enchanted homeschool mom. I’m a new follower on Twitter! Hope to see you at True Aim!

  4. Tammy W. says

    This is just perfect! I’m constantly referencing a page with my meal plan for the week, a separate one with my to-do’s, etc. And, of course, I love that it’s pretty! Thank you!

  5. Tammy W. says

    Ooh! I just noticed the “must pray” section–I need to work on being more intentional about that, so thanks for that part, too! And to save on color printing, I think I’ll print a copy or two and laminate them so I can use whiteboard markers and re-use them. That way, I won’t be wasting paper, either. :)

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