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Photography is not my strong point. I don’t take nearly enough photos of my family and I’m trying to get better at that. Today’s post from Jennifer {My Own Green Grass} is right on point. Enjoy!!

How many photos do you have of your kids? No, you don’t have to go and count, as I am sure that would take a long time! There are fun pics, school pics…pics with siblings, pics alone…pics with pets..the list goes on and on!

But how many of those photos have you in them? Ahhh, the list narrows considerably doesn’t it? If you can count on both hands how many pictures have you in the pictures with your kids, we have a problem. I don’t even want to know if you can only count on one hand!

There are so many excuses as to why parents don’t get in the pictures with their kids. Too busy, nobody to take the picture, weight concerns… Excuses are all those are! Taking a picture takes 1/125 of a second. Even if it doesn’t turn out, someone is blinking or it is blurry, it is still that moment that was captured. You don’t have anyone to take the picture? You can use a self timer, even cell phones have them now! And the biggest excuse I hear all the time…the weight issue. Your kids know what you look like! Get in front of that camera as a family, just do it!

Looking back at my own family, I don’t have that many pictures with all of us as a family. I remember going to a place to get them done once… And I am hard pressed to come up with any informal ones as a group. That makes me sad! I am trying harder to get group shots of my family now. I still haven’t gotten as much as I want to.

Digital cameras and cell phones are so prevalent now, and everyone is taking pictures of everything! My hope is that more people start taking family pictures. Pictures of them all smiling at the camera, or not! Pictures of them at special occasions, or just hanging around the house. Pictures being serious, or goofy.

Kids grow up so quickly! Don’t you want them to look back at all of the family photos and remember that moment like it was yesterday? Even you can look back years down the road and chuckle at how you wore your hair or giggle at what fashion trend you were sporting. But you will never look back and regret taking that photo.

Jennifer Simpson blogs over at  You can find her talking about homeschooling, family, and life in general, all in the spirit of keeping her own grass green and not worrying about the grass being greener on the other side.  Her blog will be getting a facelift soon, check it out!

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