Wise Decor Wall Decals Giveaway


Do you want to spruce up a room in your home? Are you looking for a frugal way to make a room in your home reflect your personality? Consider a beautiful personalized wall decal from Wise Decor. Their beautiful wall decals give the look of a hand-painted design instantly. They come in dozens of colors and styles for you to choose from. Not only are they easy to apply, they are also removable. This week, one lucky reader will receive a $50 gift certificate to Wise Decor! Enter by using the … [Read more...]

Living Intentionally: Day 3- Decluttering Your Calendar

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge- Day 3 Decluttering Your Calendar

Day three and we are still going strong! I hope that you will continue to declutter your surroundings (see Day 2) by simplifying your home throughout the remainder of this challenge. One of the best ways to ensure you are not able to live intentionally is by spreading yourself too thin, so today we are going to talk about decluttering our calendars. A general rule of thumb, I've *finally* (after nine years of being a mother) realized, if you want to decrease the amount of stress in your … [Read more...]

Living Intentionally: Day 2- Decluttering Your Surroundings

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge Day 2 Decluttering Your Surroundings

I believe the key to living intentionally is to first simplify our lives. When chaos abounds, we can't be intentional about anything, and this is true for many areas of our lives. Today we are going to focus on decluttering our surroundings. I don't know about you, but more often than not a person can tell a lot about my life by looking at my house. If my house is a mess, chances are my life is a mess too. {Please note that I am not saying that just because you have a clean house means … [Read more...]

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge

  I originally shared this challenge one year ago. As the holiday season approaches, I feel like it is important to take the challenge again, so I am revamping the posts in the series and reigniting my passion to live intentionally. Will you join me? I'm wasting my days. These precious, numbered days are truly gifts from God and I'm throwing them away. I don't mean to. I wake up each day with good intentions. Intending to be the wife and mother I'm created to be, but by … [Read more...]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #39 { The Homemaker’s Mentor }

The Homemaker's Mentor review and giveaway

I received a free copy of The Homemaker's Mentor in exchange for an honest review of their product. I was not required to write a positive review. The honest opinions expressed below are my own. A few weeks ago, I shared with you guys how God is developing my heart for my home, and isn't it true that when God convicts you of something, He will give you the necessary tools to complete the job? That is what has happened to me. I've noticed a growing desire within myself to learn more … [Read more...]

Sewing with Kids


Today's post from Jennifer is wonderful for those of us wondering how we can begin sewing with our children. I used to sew before I got married and had a family. I find it strange now because having a family, it's really┬ánecessary┬áto know how to sew. Many years I've threw out my children's clothing because of these holes. Now, I'm not saying to sew everything with holes and turn it into a glob of new thread. However, we can turn an old pair of jeans into something useful and … [Read more...]

Beat the Winter Blues

winter blues

Are the dark, cold days of winter getting you down? Has your family been sick too many days to count this winter and you're ready for Spring like never before? Is cabin fever setting in? Ahh..yes, me too! I can not wait for winter to be over this year. But alas it's only February 1st, so what can we do to battle these winter blahs? I'm at The Homeschool Village today, talking about a sure fire way to beat those winter blahs. Come on over and find out how to kiss those winter … [Read more...]

Busy Mom’s Printable To-Do List


Is there anyone else like me who loves to make to-do lists? There is just something freeing and empowering about crossing things off that list, so much so that sometimes I even write tasks I've already completed just so that I can mark them off. Ha! Yes, I'm an odd cookie. I know that. But you know what I need even more than my regular to-do list? I need a to-do list that also includes a space for my daily meal plan, a space for prayer requests, and a space for bills that must be … [Read more...]

Project Cleanse: One Month to Clean Up One Area of Your Life

Project Cleanse Banner

When Kelli approached a group of bloggers about joining her in choosing an area of our lives that needed to be cleansed and blogging about our progress for one month, I knew that I needed to sign up! Some of the other bloggers are doing a house cleanse, spiritual cleanse, productivity cleanse and health cleanse. My Project Cleanse will be a "time cleanse". … [Read more...]

Blessings Jar

blessings jar

As we approached the end of 2012, I realized that when I looked back over the year, it was the bad things that happened that seemed to stick out in my mind. Isn't that human nature? We focus on the bad and take the good for granted. It's a sad reality. In an attempt to be more intentional in 2013, my family has adopted a Blessings Jar. Each time receive a blessing, we will write it down and put it in our blessings jar, giving praise to the giver of all blessings as we record it. … [Read more...]