7 Things Good Homeschool Moms Never Do

7 Things Good Homeschool Moms Never Do

  We are right in the middle of our fifth year of homeschooling. In some ways it still seems like we just started yesterday, and it other ways it feels like I should have graduated ten kids by now. I can probably sum up our entire homeschooling journey in two words: learning experience. Not just [...]

Enjoy a Free Food Study Printable for Our Lady of Altagracia Day

food study

One of our favorite feast days is coming up on January 21.  It’s a day that even non-Catholics can enjoy, as there is a fabulous book about it that ties in perfectly with geography, culture, or literature/legend studies: A Gift of Gracias. In fact, I so enjoyed A Gift of Gracias that last year, I [...]

HUGE Homeschool Giveaway {$600 in prizes!}

Enter to win over $600 worth of prizes in our January Great Homeschool Giveaway event!

Welcome to the January Edition of Great Homeschool Giveaways! Each month, Homeschool Giveaways and Ben and Me, along with a host of homeschool blogging friends, are bringing the homeschool community GREAT GIVEAWAYS and FREEBIES! Here’s how it works: There will be 5 INDIVIDUAL WINNERS (one from each sponsor) and . . . One GRAND PRIZE WINNER, who will be awarded every prize in the [...]

Restarting your Homeschool after the Holidays

Do you have trouble getting back into a homeschool routine after taking a break during the holidays? Check out these 6 tips that I've learned that help us! :: www.upsidedownhomeschooling.com

Did you take time off school during the holidays? Or just scale it back a bit? We have traditionally taken off from Thanksgiving through New Year’s at our house and this year was no different. Although I planned to do some minimal schooling, life happened and we ended up taking the time off anyway. What [...]

5 Steps to Begin Homeschooling in the Middle of the Year

You really can begin homeschooling in the middle of a school year, and here is how you do it. Number 5 is essential.

  It’s not surprising at all to me why so many people decide to start homeschooling in the middle of a school year. For many people homeschooling has been a recurrent thought in the back of their minds. The school year started out rough and they decide they’ll give it until Christmas break to see [...]

Great Homeschool Giveaway- December {Over $900 in prizes}

Here is a great homeschool prize pack valued at over $900!

You’ll love this month’s Great Homeschool Giveaway event. It is full of awesome resources to usher in the new year. Welcome to the December Edition of Great Homeschool Giveaways! Each month, Homeschool Giveaways and Ben and Me, along with a host of homeschool blogging friends, are bringing the homeschool community GREAT GIVEAWAYS and FREEBIES! Here’s [...]

L is for Light {Free printable pack!}


At Christmas there are lights everywhere, on Christmas trees and all over houses. These lights light up the night, with many families in Australia, mapping out a route around their town, to go and take in the beautiful light displays. This is also a wonderful time to spend with our children, teaching them about the [...]

I is for Icicles and Igloo’s

Icicles and Igloo's

Welcome to letter I in our ABC’s of Homeschooling Through the Holidays. I created 3 fun, quick, and inexpensive “I” crafts for you.   The first is ice on the trees.  We went out and grabbed a few branches from the woods.  Then you cover in mod podge & sprinkle them in “ice”. When dry [...]

Christmas Family Fun Bucket

Family Fun Bucket

I’m happy to be participating in the ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays Series hosted by Heather at Upside Down Homeschooling!  The letter for this post is Ffor Family Fun Bucket.  Twas the night before December at the Smith house kitchen table….the family was enjoying their Family Fun Bucket instead of watching cable….   Several [...]