July Activity Calendar

July Activity Calendar

I hope your summer is off to a great start! Are you running out of ideas for keeping the little ones busy? Print out this activity calendar for some fun, fresh ideas to entertain your crew on a hot summer day! Be sure to check out the recipes and notebooking pages that are included in this month's packet! >>> Click here to print out your July Activity Calendar. <<<   … [Read more...]

30+ Parent-Child Date Night Ideas

30+ Parent-Child Date Night Ideas

I never went on dates with my Dad or Mom. Not that I feel deprived, it just wasn't something that was done in our house. My husband has always done what he could to take the kids out for a bit so I got a break, but it wasn't until he entered full-time ministry last year that he was able to finally take the kids on dates. Each week my husband takes one of the kids on a lunch date. Nothing fancy, just some place of their choosing (sometimes with a little coaching) and some one-on-one time with … [Read more...]

Parenting Two or More: Tips and Tricks!

June Graphic

Two children might not sound like a lot, but the difference between one child and two children is ENORMOUS, both because now there’s twice as much parenting work for Mommy and Daddy, AND because competition now exists within the household. Having more than one child is AWESOME. I say this based both on my experience as a child and my experience as a parent. When I was a kid, I LOVED playing with kids from large families and going over to their homes. More people, more fun, more ideas, more … [Read more...]

Want to Have an Open Line of Communication With Your Teen? Here are 5 Posts to Help Guide You.

Communication With Your Teen by ASliceOfHomeschoolPie

This spring I entered a new stage in my life; I became a parent of a teenager. When my son was 12, I began preparing him (and myself) for this new adventure. I explained to him some of the changes (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that he was going to experience during this period of his life. An important element during this stage in a teen's life is to have an open line of communication between parent and child. Wait a minute, don't teens, especially boys, become quiet and distant … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Help Kids Encounter God

7 Ways to Help Kids Encounter God

Yesterday I considered the amazing reality that God wants to encounter your children and mine. Today I'd like to offer seven suggestions for how we can encourage our kids to encounter Him. Read God's Word to them. "The Word of God is living and powerful..." (Hebrews 4:12). I've certainly experienced the power of God's Word in my own life, but I've also seen its power in the lives of my children. Through regular time spent in the Bible together, my five-year-old daughter realized she wasn't a … [Read more...]

Divine Encounters…For Kids!


Here's a jaw-droppingly beautiful truth: Jesus' first priority for you is just to be with Him. Mark 3:14 tells us that "He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach." Do you see how being with Him came first? Before the preaching, before the healing, before the casting out of demons or even the raising of the dead. Sure, we have work to do...God-ordained tasks to accomplish...divine appointments to meet. But our most important divine … [Read more...]

4 Lies Kids Believe (and you just might, too!)


Like it or not, we're living in the "Information Age." We're bombarded with tidbits everywhere we go, aren't we? An update here. A newsflash there. A weather alert now. Wait, here's a status change! Google and Pinterest, smart phones and Amazon. It's nearly impossible to escape the deluge! And all this information can be a good thing...as long as it's based in truth. Unfortunately, all too often, that isn't the case. Our culture is saturated with lies. And guess what? Unless we know the truth, … [Read more...]

Little Things Matter

May - The Little Things

It’s easy to define life by the “bigger things”: finances, job or state in life, etc. For example, I live in Iraq and have been working as head of curriculum in the establishment of one of the first private schools to open here for decades. It’s full of adventures and challenges. But you know what the most frustrating thing of my week has been? Nothing to do with any of the uphill battles with the establishment of the school.A simple glitch.A Pinterest glitch. Some error that has been … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Frame Craft for Kids


Mother's Day is just around the corner and our kids love to make things for us. While it seems a bit odd to help them make a craft for us, but it will be a fun time and you'll be creating lovely memories too. My kids and I had a wonderful time creating this Mother's Day Frame Craft! I never have enough pictures of myself with my kids and it's something that I need to rectify. They both have birthdays coming up, so I just might take them to get some new pictures taken of us and we will use … [Read more...]

Sowing Seeds in our Children

Sowing Seeds of Faith in Your Children

As parents, it's our responsibility to teach our children everything they need to know before we release them into the wild world. From how to walk and talk, which we quickly regret once they learn how to repeat everything, to reading and writing. As Christian parents our responsibility goes much deeper than just walking and talking or reading and writing. They have been entrusted to us by God. Now that's quite the calling. He has entrusted us to teach them about Him and and His everlasting … [Read more...]