Why It’s Okay Not to Forgive and Forget

"When you forgive, bitterness and anger lose their power to steal your life. Forgiveness is freedom." ~Virginia George

The old saying tells us to "forgive and forget". I'm not sure who came up with it, but I respectfully disagree. Actually, I think it's just plain old foolish. I wrote once about a friend of mine who doesn't like to receive love. My friend has had a lot of hardship in the last couple years. Something else came up awhile back and he had to make a hard decision. I tried to call to check in, because that's what friends do, and I got a very short response before he basically hung up on me. This … [Read more...]

Homeschool Weekly Lesson Planner & Unit Study Planner {FREE Printables}

Homeschool Weekly Lesson Planner & Unit Study Planner {FREE Printables}

During the summer I like to plan and prepare for our next homeschool year. As I'm in the midst of that I created these two free printables to help put these plans on paper.  I'm a very visual person, and writing things out really helps me to get organized. Homeschool Weekly Lesson Planner Plan out your weeks in advance, so you don't have to worry about it when the busy school year starts. Unit Study Planner We don't do a whole lot of unit studies in our homeschool, but when we do I like … [Read more...]

Making Your Family Vacation More Affordable

Family Vacation

With a tough economy and tight budgets, family vacations are easy to put on the back burner or forget about all together. But the fun, the memories and the connecting that come from family vacations are worth fighting for. Here are a few ways to make a family vacation affordable. 1. Buy food from a grocery store and make your own meals instead of eating out all the time. If you want to eat out, go out for lunch instead of dinner; many restaurants (fast food restaurants not included) have … [Read more...]

30+ Parent-Child Date Night Ideas

30+ Parent-Child Date Night Ideas

I never went on dates with my Dad or Mom. Not that I feel deprived, it just wasn't something that was done in our house. My husband has always done what he could to take the kids out for a bit so I got a break, but it wasn't until he entered full-time ministry last year that he was able to finally take the kids on dates. Each week my husband takes one of the kids on a lunch date. Nothing fancy, just some place of their choosing (sometimes with a little coaching) and some one-on-one time with … [Read more...]

25 Favorite Memory Verses for Children

25 Favorite Memory Verses for Children

Scripture memory is a part of my family's daily homeschool routine. I want God's Word imprinted on the hearts of my children to remind them of God's nature, to remind them of Jesus' love and sacrifice, to comfort them when they are afraid, and to instruct them in godly character. My children are still relatively young, but with a daily routine, a few hand motions, and the occasional rhythmic clapping, my kids have some verses that can encourage and instruct them throughout their lives: These … [Read more...]

Parenting Two or More: Tips and Tricks!

June Graphic

Two children might not sound like a lot, but the difference between one child and two children is ENORMOUS, both because now there’s twice as much parenting work for Mommy and Daddy, AND because competition now exists within the household. Having more than one child is AWESOME. I say this based both on my experience as a child and my experience as a parent. When I was a kid, I LOVED playing with kids from large families and going over to their homes. More people, more fun, more ideas, more … [Read more...]

Want to Have an Open Line of Communication With Your Teen? Here are 5 Posts to Help Guide You.

Communication With Your Teen by ASliceOfHomeschoolPie

This spring I entered a new stage in my life; I became a parent of a teenager. When my son was 12, I began preparing him (and myself) for this new adventure. I explained to him some of the changes (physically, mentally, and emotionally) that he was going to experience during this period of his life. An important element during this stage in a teen's life is to have an open line of communication between parent and child. Wait a minute, don't teens, especially boys, become quiet and distant … [Read more...]

Words of Hope


Words. We are inundated with them every day. Music, books, radio, billboards, phones, blogs... Communication. We humans thrive on it. If we haven't heard from a friend in a while, we call her. When we know someone is going through a tough time, we write a note of encouragement. Struggles. Either you, or someone you know is going through a hard period of life right now. Fear, betrayal, sadness, grief... Hope. We all want it. Many times it feels just out of our grasp. Just around the corner. … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Day

The Most Amazing Day

This day is the most amazing day in my life as a parent! I requested to post today, specifically, because it's my son's birthday. Yay! But there's more...it's also my birthday! That's right, we share a birthday. He was my present on the day I turned 25. (And hopefully you're reading this before you've had your morning coffee so you're not figuring out my age!) I remember the sheer joy when he was finally born and we were able to hold him. He was our firstborn, and he was ours! Do you … [Read more...]

Homeschool: Less about Curriculum and More about Environment

Less about curriculum

For some reason, spring is the time book publishers and homeschool websites start advertising about curriculum choices and running promotional sales. I have no idea why they do this. I guess some homeschooling moms are busily planning for the fall already. Personally, I'm hearing the siren song of spring luring me outside for long walks to the park and bike rides and digging in the dirt. But, if you are in the middle of planning curriculum, or if you are a newbie homeschool mom seeking advice, … [Read more...]