Homeschooling is Discipleship

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I am a homeschool mom.

I love homeschooling my children. I love watching them grow and learn. I treasure being afforded the time to soak up these precious moments.

But homeschooling is not my first priority.

To be completely honest with you, homeschooling doesn’t even make my list of top three priorities.

Because of this mindset, there any many “school” days where we toss the books aside and focus on the important issues.

Heart issues.

Faith issues.

Family issues.

Real Life Homeschooling is Discipleship

I’m not saying that math and reading aren’t important.

What I’m saying is that I can teach my child to be the greatest mathematician on the planet, but if I’ve neglected to seek out God’s calling for her and focused more on books and work than heart and soul, then I have labored in vain.

There are many days when books are touched but hearts are changed.

That, my friends, is what homeschooling is all about.

Real life homeschooling.


Our ultimate calling as a parent isn’t to provide our children with an ivy-league education, our ultimate calling as a parent is to raise a child who knows and loves God and who loves her neighbor as herself.

Come take a peek into our homeschool.

If you catch us on the right day, you might see us sitting at the kitchen table completing lessons.

But there’s a good chance you’ll see some of this too:

Exploring and appreciating the beauty of God's creation.

Exploring and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation.

Enjoying the presence of family.

Enjoying the presence of family.

Learning to serve others.

Learning to serve others.

Spending time in prayer and devotion.

Spending time in prayer and devotion.

Laughing and having fun.

Laughing and having fun.


....did I mention laughing? Lots of laughing.

….did I mention laughing? Lots of laughing.

There you have a glimpse into what Real Life Homeschooling looks like for us.

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Heather Bowen

Heather is the founder and owner of Upside Down Homeschooling. She is a homeschooling mom of two little girls. Heather and her husband, Andrew- author and founder of Project Conversion, have been married for nine years. They reside in southeastern NC and have recently joined the Catholic Church. Heather is a nurse by trade, but left her nursing scrubs behind in October 2012, to become a full-time work at home mom. She is a professional blogger and speaker. You can also find her blogging at She and her husband will also be launching later this year.


  1. Tauna says

    Fantastic post! We feel exactly the same way about what the focus and spirit of our days should be like. It’s good to be reminded of it often! Especially at the new school year.

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