How to Name Your Homeschool

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Coming up with a name for your homeschool isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Some states require your homeschool to have a name and others do not. However there are benefits for naming your homeschool. Many companies offer discounts to homeschooler, but most will ask for the name of your school.

Some parents put a lot of thought into the name of their homeschool and personally I think that is a wise decision.

If you are planning to homeschool through high school, then keep in mind that this name will be used on college applications, scholarship applications and ultimately job applications.

Do you need some help coming up with a name for your homeschool?

Consider these five points:

1. Choose a name that is meaningful to your family.  I have friends who use their street name in their homeschool name. Do you have a family motto or life verse that could be incorporated into your school name? Maybe a family name could be used?

2. Choose a name that sounds professional. My mom and I joke that our school name is Kitchen Table Elementary, but realistically speaking, we would never use this name. Remember, you are operating a school and you want people to take you seriously.

3. Along the same lines as the previous point, choose a name that will last through your homeschooling career. You wouldn’t want to put the word “elementary” in your name if you plan on using that same name through high school.

4. Make naming your homeschool into a fun, family activity. Let everyone share ideas and then vote on the favorite. You can also include school colors, motto and mascot into this activity.

5. Make sure you are satisfied with the name you choose! Some states will not allow you to change the name once it has been submitted. NC is one of those states, so we took extra caution in choosing our school name.

If you missed it during the homeschool quotes series last week, our homeschool is named Pathways Academy after the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”. We are choosing the road less traveled in hopes that it will truly make all the difference in the lives of our children.

What is the name of your homeschool and how did you choose this name?



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Heather Bowen

Heather is the founder and owner of Upside Down Homeschooling. She is a homeschooling mom of two little girls. Heather and her husband, Andrew- author and founder of Project Conversion, have been married for nine years. They reside in southeastern NC and have recently joined the Catholic Church. Heather is a nurse by trade, but left her nursing scrubs behind in October 2012, to become a full-time work at home mom. She is a professional blogger and speaker. You can also find her blogging at She and her husband will also be launching later this year.


  1. Shawn says

    Our homeschool is “Future Hope Academy” based on Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.” When my oldest son was placed in my arms, that is the verse God gave me for him. Hubby used it to name our school.

  2. says

    This is my first year of homeschooling. My daughter is in 7th grade. We choose “Fire Song Academy” as our name. My daughter sings on worship teams at church and in the house of prayer. Homeschooling allows allows us to not only educate her but give her the opportunity to grow in her musical gifting.

  3. says

    Love this! We just started homeschooling in NC! Our school is Oceanside Christian Academy. (We live in Eastern NC…the Oceanside of NC, which is how our kids named it.) we came up with three choices as a family. The Mister and I were outvoted (we have three kids haha) but I vetoed “American Girl Doll Academy” while our only students are girls for now, their baby brother would be less thrilled :-P we let them choose a mascot and school colors! Definitely fun!

  4. says

    we live in NC… when we were registering our homeschool… I had the family throw out their ideas… I ended up having to override them all.. but it was a lot of fun. Their top three were Learning Ninjas Academy, The Knock Knock School and Monkey Ballerina School… The name we actually registered was Harvest Academy.

  5. says

    This is my second year homeschooling my youngest child, my 7th grade daughter. We chose ‘Shooting Star Academy’ for our name. I have always said she is my shooting star, too bright and vibrant to just sit still and twinkle, so of course it was the perfect choice for our school.

  6. Vanyah says

    Wish I knew all this 8 years ago ….but ours is “Hamburg Christian ” I used the town we lived in at the time (moved now) but it will always have a special part in our hearts so don’t want to change.

  7. says

    Hi Heather! Thanks for linking up with “What’s Working Wednesday” at NextGen Homeschool today. These are great guidelines on how to go about naming your school. My girls had I have gone back & forth over the past two years because we’re registered with an independent school (CHEC) so we don’t “need” a name, but we want one of course!
    Renée at NextGen Homeschool

  8. Terri says

    We chose Charity Valley Academy. Some children (from a divorced family) who were staying with us at the time liked the name “Charity” They named one of our cats “Charity”, and then suggested it for our school, and it stuck. I am thrilled. I believe God led in this choice of a name. It really gives a wonderful focus on what really matters in homeschooling, in family, and in life – now and for eternity (I Corinthians 13 “The greatest of these is love”. That’s our homeschool naming story. :)

  9. Vicky says

    First of all, our state does not require a school name for our homeschool. When I was homeschooling my son and several other kids who came to me for schooling, I combined parts of their first names and came up with SanMarKey Elementary.

    Today, it is just my daughter and my son who are both involved in music (violin for both, choir for both, piano for my daughter and guitar for my son) and so we are now using the name Top Note Academy. My son’s eighth grade diploma will have that name on it.

  10. says

    We chose Freedom Academy as hubby was in the Army when we started and homeschooling is all about our freedom to learn and grow the way that works for our family.

  11. says

    Here in NC, you can’t change your homeschool’s name after letting the DNPE know about it, either, so choose carefully! As I said in a post I wrote with the same name, “Hillbilly Homeschool for Jesus” is fun, but it’s not going to get anybody a second look on a college application. ;-)

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