Hearts for Home Blog Hop #40

Welcome back for another week of the Hearts for Home Blog Hop! I hope you’ve been enjoying the wonderful fall-themed posts that have been linked up. I have found some of the greatest ideas from these posts. The most popular post from last week was…. My Daughters’ Modest Monday from Meghan Carver A few of [...]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #39 { The Homemaker’s Mentor }

The Homemaker's Mentor review and giveaway

I received a free copy of The Homemaker’s Mentor in exchange for an honest review of their product. I was not required to write a positive review. The honest opinions expressed below are my own. A few weeks ago, I shared with you guys how God is developing my heart for my home, and isn’t [...]

Art Appreciation for Young Homeschoolers

Art Appreciation for Young Homeschoolers

Throughout the first four weeks of school, we’ve been learning how to appreciate art. As we cover different aspects of art the kids are creating a lapbook , to showcase all they’ve learned throughout this study. My children have discovered many things that are considered art that they had never recognized as such. From architecture [...]

What Do I Do When Our Homeschool Schedule Isn’t Working?

What Do I Do When Our Homeschooling Schedule Isn't Working

Is your homeschooling schedule working for you? Or…are you working for it? Has your homeschooling schedule robbed you of the freedom of homeschooling? Are you so concerned with staying on track that you’re afraid to venture off the schedule to find the “good stuff” of homeschooling: deeper relationships, laughter, smiles and cuddles? If so, I [...]

What Do I Do When I Feel Like I’m Failing?

What Do I Do When I Feel Like I'm Failing

Welcome to post three in the Homeschool Help! series. This is one issue that most {if not all} homeschool moms struggle with from time to time. However, it is one of the most difficult issues to talk about. This isn’t quite what you signed up for, is it? You didn’t count on a child who [...]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #38

Hearts for Home Blog Hop

Welcome to week #38 of the Hearts for Home! I am pausing my Developing a Heart for my Home series to share with you a very special offer. If you’ve been following my blog since March, you will remember me sharing about the incredible experience I had while attending Apologia’s Real Refreshment Retreat for homeschool [...]

What Do I Do When our Curriculum Isn’t Working?

What Do I Do When the Curriculum isn't Working

You’ve spent hours browsing vendor booths at a homeschool convention. You’ve read countless reviews. And finally, you’ve spent your entire homeschool budget on the perfect curriculum. You are sure your children will love it. You’ve envisioned their smiling faces eagerly completing their schoolwork…. But now, a few weeks into the year and the smiles have [...]

Homeschool Help! {A Five Week Series}

Homeschool Help!

Today, I’m starting a new five week series called Homeschool Help! Each week I will post three new posts that deal with different issues surrounding homeschooling. Think of this series as being your “What Do I Do When…..?” guidebook. Some of the topics covered will be: What do I do when… the curriculum isn’t working [...]