Finding Strength in God’s Word for the New Year

Finding Strength in God's Word for the New Year

What are your aspirations for the New Year? It’s that time of the year again when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions. We all want to make a fresh start with a new beginning in 2015. I understand – I’m right there with you. But as I’ve been contemplating the New Year, this one thing […]

Restarting your Homeschool after the Holidays

Do you have trouble getting back into a homeschool routine after taking a break during the holidays? Check out these 6 tips that I've learned that help us! ::

Did you take time off school during the holidays? Or just scale it back a bit? We have traditionally taken off from Thanksgiving through New Year’s at our house and this year was no different. Although I planned to do some minimal schooling, life happened and we ended up taking the time off anyway. What […]

5 Steps to Begin Homeschooling in the Middle of the Year

You really can begin homeschooling in the middle of a school year, and here is how you do it. Number 5 is essential.

  It’s not surprising at all to me why so many people decide to start homeschooling in the middle of a school year. For many people homeschooling has been a recurrent thought in the back of their minds. The school year started out rough and they decide they’ll give it until Christmas break to see […]

If He Had Not Come – A Christmas Book to Add to Your List

Do you like to read Christmas stories to your children in the weeks leading up to Christmas? If so, then you’ll want to add If He Had Not Come to your Christmas stories list this year! If He Had Not Come is a classic Christmas story written by Nan F. Weeks that has been reintroduced […]

Heritage History Academy Online Curriculum review

Heritage History Online Academy

Compensation for this post was provided by Opinions expressed here are my own. For the past month and a half I have had the opportunity to test out Heritage History Online Academy in our homeschool. My son who is in 8th grade was the tester. I have been homeschooling Derek for 5 years […]

Worth the Inconvenience

Worth the Inconvenience quote

Pregnancy is not among my favorite things. My three pregnancies haven’t been miserable, by any means. Though I had my share of morning sickness, heartburn, and aches & pains, I have to admit that I didn’t have more than my share. Still, at its very best, pregnancy is a challenging time, even as it’s a […]

Year-Round Homeschooling During the Holidays

Find out what homeschooling through the holidays looks like for year-round homeschoolers.

*Please note this post includes affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.* My favorite thing about being a year round homeschooler is that I can pick and choose when I want to take breaks throughout the year or I can take things as they come. For the last 3 years we have […]

X is for Xylography

Here is a fun learning experience for your child!

I learned a new word recently that starts with “X”: Xylography, which is the art of wood engraving in order to print with it! Xylography is the oldest know relief printmaking technique. It started in China, and then spread to Europe. We decided to try it at our home to make a Christmas scene “stamp” […]

Wonderful Christmas Books

There isn’t anything better than wrapping up in a cozy blanket or robe and sitting by the fire to read books this time of year.  There are so many wonderful books to choose from!  I asked some friends what their favorite holiday books were and I also went through our favorites and I’ve compiled them […]

V is for Vacation


ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays – V is for Vacation Like many homeschoolers, we plan our vacations for times when most public schools are in session.  This usually means there are smaller crowds at our destination, and that is a benefit for our son who is on the Autism Spectrum.  We also like this […]