7 Ways to Help Kids Encounter God

7 Ways to Help Kids Encounter God

Yesterday I considered the amazing reality that God wants to encounter your children and mine. Today I'd like to offer seven suggestions for how we can encourage our kids to encounter Him. Read God's Word to them. "The Word of God is living and powerful..." (Hebrews 4:12). I've certainly experienced the power of God's Word in my own life, but I've also seen its power in the lives of my children. Through regular time spent in the Bible together, my five-year-old daughter realized she wasn't a … [Read more...]

Divine Encounters…For Kids!


Here's a jaw-droppingly beautiful truth: Jesus' first priority for you is just to be with Him. Mark 3:14 tells us that "He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach." Do you see how being with Him came first? Before the preaching, before the healing, before the casting out of demons or even the raising of the dead. Sure, we have work to do...God-ordained tasks to accomplish...divine appointments to meet. But our most important divine … [Read more...]

4 Lies Kids Believe (and you just might, too!)


Like it or not, we're living in the "Information Age." We're bombarded with tidbits everywhere we go, aren't we? An update here. A newsflash there. A weather alert now. Wait, here's a status change! Google and Pinterest, smart phones and Amazon. It's nearly impossible to escape the deluge! And all this information can be a good thing...as long as it's based in truth. Unfortunately, all too often, that isn't the case. Our culture is saturated with lies. And guess what? Unless we know the truth, … [Read more...]

A Matter of Perspective


  They knew the time was approaching. The fulfillment of their meticulous planning was imminent. Early that morning, they led Jesus from the house of Caiaphas to the governor's headquarters. They themselves did not enter the governor's headquarters, so that they would not be defiled, but could eat the Passover. (John 18) These men, the religious leaders of God’s chosen people, were in the process of orchestrating the murder of the Messiah. The Promised One. The One to Whom their entire … [Read more...]

God First Loved Us: A Valentine’s Devotional Journal for Kids

God First Loved Us: A Valentine's Devotional Journal for Kids

God First Loved Us: A Valentine’s Devotional Journal for Kids is a 69-page printable Valentine’s Bible Study eBook that is perfect for children in grades 1-7. Younger children may need additional help from parents. This devotional journal is a two week study that is designed to be used from February 1st-14th. The first week focuses on God’s love for the us and the second week focuses on our call to love others. Each day is set up around one main Bible verse and the HEARTS™ acronym: H– … [Read more...]

Princess Training for the King’s Glory by Richele McFarlin Giveaway

Princess Training

The post contains affiliate links. Richele McFarlin has written an awsome Bible study adventure for your little girls. Princess Training for the King's Glory was one of my daughters' favorite studies. You can read my full review here. This is a great mother/daughter Bible Study and now you have a chance to win a copy of this eBook for your family. Use the Rafflecopter below and you'll be entered to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway View all of the giveaways available during Upside … [Read more...]

Compass Classroom: Modern Parables Giveaway


Modern Parables is an awesome DVD-based Bible Study based on Jesus' parables. Compass Classroom has done an awesome job in creating modern day films to convey the messages behind these parables. This new approach shows the Gospel in a whole new light and makes this Bible Study a fun, unique experience that your entire family will enjoy. The winner of this giveaway will receive one group study DVD set which includes: 6 parable films, 6 application videos, a leader's guide and a study … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Grapevine Studies Student & Parent eBooks

Grapevine Studies Joseph

Grapevine Studies are super fun Bible studies that use stick figures to engage your children in learning the Bible. Grapevine Studies is offering one student and one parent eBook for their study on Joseph to an Upside Down Homeschooling reader. If you've never used Grapevine Studies in your home, this is your chance to experience the fun! Simply use the Rafflecopter below and you'll be entered to win! a Rafflecopter giveaway Enter all 25 of the BIG birthday bash giveaways by … [Read more...]

Do You Feel Like You’ve Failed?

Today's post comes from my friend, Stacey, she is sharing from her heart about those days when we feel defeated. Take a few minutes and let her sweet words encourage you. Not so long ago I had embarked on my first ever social media prayer group / schedule. A 21 day prayer warrior journey designed for Mothers of boys. Praying specific prayers / scriptures over issues and life challenges that our boys really do face every day! Only God knew then how much I would need these prayers, then and … [Read more...]