X is for Xylography

Here is a fun learning experience for your child!

I learned a new word recently that starts with “X”: Xylography, which is the art of wood engraving in order to print with it! Xylography is the oldest know relief printmaking technique. It started in China, and then spread to Europe. We decided to try it at our home to make a Christmas scene “stamp” […]

O is for Ornaments

Fun and easy ornaments you can create with your children!

For O I’ve put together a few easy craft ornaments that you and your kids can make.  Most of the required materials are things you  most likely have already, if not…they are available for cheap (and most likely found at your local dollar store!). #1 – Mini Wreath Ornament Materials Needed: Garter, Shower Rings, Bows […]

Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

25 Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

  This post is part of the ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays. To see the entire list of posts, click here. Homeschooling through the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Sometimes, you just need to put the books aside and call it a craft day. We leave room for quite a few craft days […]

5 Fun and Easy Kids Valentine Crafts

5 Fun and Easy Kids Valentine Crafts

    My kiddos love being creative and with Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some kids valentine crafts with y’all! Above each collage you’ll find a supply list, and below it will be the directions for each craft. I hope you have fun with your kiddos getting […]

Quilted Memories- Sewing with Kids


This post is from Jennifer. She wrote a wonderful guest post last month titled Sewing with Kids and this is a follow-up to that post. For those of you just joining us, last month I talked about including our children when sewing. I think it’s a wonderful skill for children to learn how to sew […]

Sewing with Kids


Today’s post from Jennifer is wonderful for those of us wondering how we can begin sewing with our children. I used to sew before I got married and had a family. I find it strange now because having a family, it’s really necessary to know how to sew. Many years I’ve threw out my children’s clothing because […]